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I'm Francesca Amber.

The law of attraction has changed my life & I’m passionate about it changing yours too.  I’ve been studying & sharing this subject for over 10 years now using what I’ve learnt to:

  • Buy property in London on a secretary’s wage at age 24

  • Manifest my husband by putting his picture on a vision board 2 years before I met him

  • Have a book published & become a Waterstones Paperback of the Year in 2008

  • Quit my job & set up my own successful beauty salon

  • Beat PCOS to have three healthy baby girls

  • Buy a second home whilst being a single mum

  • Manifest the genders of my babies (even though an early DNA test told me I was having a boy!)

  • Start a podcast in lockdown which went on to become number 1 in the UK for self development

Everything I have I owe to the law of attraction and my practice of it. It is my passion to transform as many lives as possible by sharing what I know. I do this through my number 1 podcast, Law of Attraction Changed My Life, my book club, Francesca’s Book Club Bitches, Online Courses and One to One Coaching

I’m just a basic bitch making shit happen. Want good shit to happen in your life too? Join me - it’s not a cult! 

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Get ready to up-level your finances, your business, love life, family & friends - and most importantly your mindset.

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Book a variety of online workshops here including Manifesting Money & Goal Setting Parties.

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Just a basic bitch making a good life happen. Want to manifest amazing things into your life too? Join me, it's not a cult!

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Shop small for loved ones or yourself (because nothing beats self-love!) with our range of gratitude necklaces, hand-made manifesting candles & more.

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